Too blessed to be stressed

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I find a lot of people physically attractive, but finding people mentally and spiritually attractive is different and much harder for me

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College fucks everyone up


The more I listen to Carla Morrison, the more I feel the need to cry, and kiss someone con todo mi alma.

I really want to see her at the Observatory in Santa Ana.


There was a time when I was sure of what I was going to do with my life. Those ideas were way different than what I’m doing now. Just a reminder that sometimes it doesn’t work out like we thought. God knows best. By the way, what I do now is WAY better than my original ideas.

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"Something inside is hurting you – that’s why you need cigarettes or whiskey, or music turned so fucking loud you can’t think."  - (via bl-ossomed)

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"Pay attention subjects"  - Dr. Reifer

My goal in life is to be able to balance everything and be okay.